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    General Laws And Rules To Be Taken Into Concern


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    General Laws And Rules To Be Taken Into Concern

    مُساهمة من طرف Admin في الخميس سبتمبر 25, 2008 1:38 am

    Welcome to Irfan English Forum. In this forum we are going to share our viewpoints, experiences, and ideas using proper English language. Together we are going to try our best to make our forum a good and useful place for teachers, students and all to visit.
    To organize participation in this forum, we would like to present some rules and regulations (laws) that every member should follow:
    1- You should use proper English language in your posts; that is, no slangs or chat language.
    2- You should type in small letters, unless for a word or a sentence.
    3- You must not repeat your topic.
    4- When posting in the copied items part, you have to cite it properly.
    5- You should not post more than one topic daily.
    6- All topics should relate to Irfan school policy of conduct .
    7- You should not write topics about a specific person either as compliment or criticism.
    8- Your replies should reveal your ideas and viewpoints about specific details in the posts. Details that include just a thank you note or an encouragement will be deleted.
    9- Replies for topics will be available for 2 weeks only; after that any reply will be deleted.
    10- Topics and replies reflect the member’s personality. Try to be a good model for others to follow.

    If you have any complaints, please contact the administration of this forum. We hope that we are going to create a forum where everyone can benefit and have fun.

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