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    2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry



    2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    مُساهمة من طرف Guest في الثلاثاء أكتوبر 14, 2008 3:00 am

    2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
    Wednesday October 8, 2008

    The 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry recognizes the important role fluorescent labeling plays in unraveling the secrets of proteins. This year's prize goes to Osamu Shimomura, Martin Chalfie and Roger Y. Tsien (United States) "for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP". GFP is the brightly glowing protein that was first observed in the Aequorea victoria jellyfish (shown in photo) in 1962. The protein is used as a tagging tool in bioscience, to make the invisible become visible. When GFP is attached to other (nonglowing) proteins, it becomes possible to identify their location and trace their movements and interactions.

    Osamu Shimomura first isolated GFP from the jellyfish. Martin Chalfie demonstrated how GFP could be used as a luminous genetic tag. Roger Y. Tsien helped explain how GFP fluoresces and enabled its use in colors other than green, allowing multiple processes to be tracked simultaneously. Congrats to all!


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    رد: 2008 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    مُساهمة من طرف lmesbahuddin في الجمعة مارس 06, 2009 11:27 am

    can these be put in glow sticks?

      الوقت/التاريخ الآن هو الإثنين ديسمبر 17, 2018 11:12 am